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Mini club Azur Kids Natation

Our swimming teacher are ready to welcome you to the mini club for fun and playful lessons.
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Azur Kids Natation

Le mini club Azur Kids Natation by Colas is to help your child :

  • independence in the aquatic element
  • Learn the codified strokes (breaststroke, crawl, backstroke, butterfly)
  • perfect their skills

Quality teaching is at the heart of our approach.
Children will progress in small groups (max. 4) or in individual lessons. This makes learning much quicker and more effective.

The mini club is open to children aged between 3 and 12.

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Join the mini club Azur Kids Natation !  From 15 September to 15 April 2024

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Private lessons

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Group lessons

From the age of 4, join the mini club! From 15 September to 15 April

6-course pack


Annual membership


10-course pack


Private lessons

From 3 years old, from 15 September to 15 April,
opt for our tailor-made private lessons, offering individual attention for fast, personalised learning!

Single course


10-course pack​


6-course pack​



Join our dynamic swimming courses in small groups (max 4 children) for a complete immersion in learning aquatic techniques during the school holidays!

From Monday to Friday, enjoy a week full of progress, water games and unforgettable moments with our certified and passionate swimming teacher!

Individual course

February / All Saints' Day / Easter


Group course

February / All Saints' Day / Easter


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